At Bohteak, our story begins with passion, wanderlust, and a love for beautifully designed, curated and crafted treasures that add soul to your space.


I’m Anna, and I am a self-confessed homewares lover!
I’m a creative at heart and from a young age I have always had a passion for all things styling and design. I began my professional journey in real estate, driven by my passion for home styling and design. However, my creative spirit soon led me to the kitchen, where I spent over 8 years as a chef. Crafting beautiful, vibrant plates of food became not just a job, but a true calling.

My father, Greg, had always been a staunch supporter of my creative endeavors. A skilled artisan himself, he specialized in crafting handmade bespoke furniture from wood veneer. It was always clear that creativity runs deep in the family!

With my background in design and a strong foundation of support from my father, the idea for Bohteak began to take shape. Growing up on the Mornington Peninsula, I felt a deep connection to my roots and knew I wanted to bring something special back to my hometown. Thus, Bohteak was born—a locally owned business focused on curating a modern coastal bohemian lifestyle collection of furniture and homewares, inspired by the beauty of our surroundings and crafted with love.

I dreamt of creating a collection that embodies the essence of Mediterranean coastal luxe and bohemian charm and I'm so grateful I get to live out my dream everyday.
Our collections are globally sourced and designed with a focus on using sustainable, organic, natural fibres and materials, that are ethically made with an emphasis on artistic integrity. From the sun-drenched beaches of Bali to the bustling markets of Morocco, each piece at Bohteak tells a story of craftsmanship, heritage, and the beauty of handcrafted excellence. We strive to create a sanctuary where every item is not just a piece of furniture or decor, but a cherished part of your home's story showcasing skilled artisans, craftsmanship and quality.
So come, join us on this journey of discovery and inspiration, and let's fill your space with beauty, authenticity, and a touch of wanderlust.
Welcome to Bohteak, where every piece has a story to tell.