Our Privacy Policy outlines anything you, the customer, needs to know about how we use your information at Bohteak. Our privacy policy protects customers and your trust is something we value and take very seriously.



When shopping with Bohteak we will be required to collect personal information. Online purchases, refunds, feedback, creating an account and marketing activities are examples of some of these instances. The information we collect could include your name, address, payment details (for example, credit card information), email address and phone number.

We also collect information to improve how we market our products to our customers, which can include how customers navigate the website, when, where and how they access our site and other analytics, however this is typically not personally identifiable information. Marketing emails will be sent out with your permission.



Reasons we may share your personal information can include: processing sales, providing web support, delivering products, creating effective marketing messages, analysing data and information. Personal information may also be shared in order to comply with any relevant laws. The people with whom your information would be shared may include: employees, other companies we use to operate out business, marketing purposes, social media providers. We will never sell your personal information. We understand the importance of your trust and value it completely.



Bohteak uses cookies, which are small pieces of data sent between your device and Bohteak. They do not contain information that would enable personal identification, simply information that is only useful to us. They tell us if you’ve previously added items to your basket, or logged in for example. They are never shared with a third party.



Bohteak has SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect your information while you shop with us. It ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remains private and integral.