Studio Bohteak has been split up into two spaces

Cloud Space, located upstairs and Sunseeker Space, located down stairs.


This provides you with the choice of two unique spaces at the one location. Upstairs greets you with our featured cloud ceiling and downstairs is filled with our Mediterranean Arched Wall and an abundance of feature walls and backdrops.


Cloud Space - Upstairs

Flooded with natural light that enters from our floor to ceiling windows. Natural lighting is best suited in the morning around 9AM and in the afternoon around 2PM.

Window White Wall 4 x 2.6M | This space is extremely versatile. Our queen sized bed set up can be well achieved in this space, personal branding, fashion or for product content shooting.

  • Total floor area is covered in light white wash floating floor boards


  • Floor to ceiling windows on the right hand side allowing sun to beam through onto the window wall.


  • Portable sheer curtain backdrop is available if needing to create mirror selfie content in this space


Nook Wall Space 2.6 x 2.6M 

This space can also accommodate for a queen sized bed if you would like to use the featured Golden Mesh Pendants for styling. This space accommodates well for try on hauls, content mirror selfies. Be spoilt for choice with a selection of our Mediterranean and Teak Mirrors.


  • Golden Brass Pendants styled on either side of this space.


  • Artwork on the opposite side of the wall is removable if required.


  • Sheer curtains can easily slide across the ceiling to reflect a clean backdrop when using a mirror on the wall with the Golden Mesh Pendants.


Sheer Nook Space 2.6 x 2.6M | This is a styled area that can be used for mirror selfies, personal branding or product shots. This area has the least amount of natural lighting.

  • Seagrass pendants hanging along the top of the open stairwell space, these make cute reflections for mirror selfies.


  • Sheer curtains on either side to block out any unwanted scenery if used for mirror shots.

Sunseeker - Downstairs

This area is located directly next to our 9m roller door. The sunlight hits early from 8am and stays around until just after 2pm. The afternoon sun pulls in some beautiful shadows, especially when shining on our arch display.

Mediterranean Arch 4.8 x 3.3M High | This showstopper had been finished with a himalayan salt limewash colour. This prop has been thoughtfully designed with versatility and practicality in mind.

The inside of the arch is 2 meters high, to allow and accommodate comfortably for several people to stand inside. This arch sits on 8 heavy duty castors to support and easily roll the arch into several positions. We have also created something special on the flip side of our arch. Our 'Bloom Wall' which reveals a completely new backdrop which is finished in our lime wash colour, Pumice.

  • The floor surface inside of the arch is measured 3.5M long x 0.76M deep. Floor to ceiling inside the arch measures 2.07M.


  • The arch accommodates for any style photography shoot, style this backdrop with our props or this space can be styled with your own props too.


  • Our arch comes with a step on wheels which measures the length of the arch, this hides the castors to create a seamless photography shoot


  • The Paella rug by Miss Amara is readily available to use in this space if required, depending on what look you are wanting to create, if the concrete floor isn't the look you are wanting, the Paella rug will soften and compliment the space.


Bloom Wall 4.8 x 3.3M high | This backdrop is the sister of our Mediterranean Arch, conveniently positioned on castors these two backdrops interchange.


  • Our textured Bloom Wall has been finished in the limewash colour pumice, creating the perfect neutral toned flat wall backdrop for your convenience.


  • Our Bloom wall accommodates for any style photography shoot, style this piece with our props or the area can be styled with your own props also.
  • The wall comes with a step on wheels which measures the length of the wall, this hides the castors to create a seamless photography shoot.


Concrete Wall 7 x 4M-H and Paper back drops 2.7 x 11M  | This area is located directly next to our roller door, on the left hand side when entering via the roller door, natural light beams throughout the space.

Natural light play

  • The morning sun starts to touch this area around 8:30AM
  • Afternoon light and shadow play starts from 12:30PM


Paper wall colours available

  • White
  • Leaf


White Wall 5 x 6M | Located directly next to our roller door and on the opposite side of our concrete wall; our white wall is flooded with natural light throughout the space, making the perfect lighting area for photography.


Each space can be hired at the rate of $110 per hour, for a minimum booking time of 2 hours.
If you would like to hire the 2 spaces as a duo, this can be done for an additional $70 per hour (in addition to the $110 hourly rate) providing that the other space is available at the time you would like to book.
Half day rate per space | 4 hours $400   Full day rate per space | 8 hours $800     
Duo space half day rate | 4 hours $650  Duo space full day rate | 8 hours $1,250
AVAILABILITY TIMES | Our studio is now open Monday - Sunday 7:30AM - 6PM

Please note | if you wish to extend your booking on the day, this will be subject to availability. Any extra time will be invoiced after your booking, and will be charged in 15 minute intervals.