No Need To Worry, We Have All The Equipment

Paper back drops 2.7 x 11M
(available for downstairs booking only)
Colours: White + Leaf
x 1 Sheer white curtain backdrop on stand expands 3M x 2.5M
x 1 Godox MS300 Studio Strobe 300Ws 220-240V GN58 5600K Bowens Mount Monolight, Built-in Godox 2.4G Wireless
x 1 Neewer 48 inches quick folding Deep Parabolic Softbox (with grid)
x 2 Iphone tripod
x 1 Wertheim pro soft touch garment steamer
x 2 1.8M Portable clothing racks with grip coat hangers
x 1 0.78M Portable clothing rack with grip coat hangers
x 1 Photography Reflector Silver, White Gold 80CM round
x 4 Stand alone fans
x 1 Industrial sized standing fan
x 1 Stand alone heater
x 2 Foldable portable tables