Duck Feather Insert | 55CM X 55CM | Perfect for 50 x 50 Cushion Cover


Our sizing recommendation: 

All of our cushion inserts are 5cm's larger than all of our cushion covers to give them that plump feel, giving you fuller cushions for much longer than regular fill. all of our inserts are Australian made by Innergreen. 

Cushion Insert Detail: 

Treat yourself with the luxurious feel of Innergreen's 100% duck feather cushion inserts. 

Wrapped in all-cotton insert covers, Innergreen's feather cushions are excessively filled with 100% duck feather. They come in a shape that easily scrunches up for added comfort and support. With proper care, Innergreen's feather cushion inserts render at least 20% more longevity than standard cushions / pillows. 

DIMENSIONS: 55CM X 55CM - (perfect for a 50x50 cushion cover)

We do our very best to ship our products within 3-5 business days of receiving your order, to ensure that you receive it within 6-10 business days 

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